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Vietnamese Blast Government For Height Increase Mandate


"At a  teleconference last week, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism revealed ambitious plans to increase the average height of Vietnamese men at 18 years to 1.67 meters by 2020 and 1.685 meters by 2030. The target heights for women are 1.56 meters and 1.575 meters respectively.

The project, approved by Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung in 2011 and estimated to cost around US$287 million, covers studies and action programs that will increase awareness and encourage exercise and other healthy habits.

Vietnam’s gross domestic product was around $136 billion last year.”

AtEyeLevel: So basically, the Vietnamese government approved a project to increase the height of it’s population and dedicated billions of dollars to this in an effort to have its population be near to that of its neighbors.

Backlash from Doctors included scolding for the ignorance to the fact that GENES play a role in height, more so than diet and physical activity. The government went on a propaganda campaign telling its citizens that Height is 23% Genes, 31% Nutrition, 20% Physical Exercise and 16% on the Environment and other factors. 

Read below for the refute:

He said there is no study showing that genes account for just 23 percent of a person’s height as stated by the project.

“Hundreds of genetic studies over the past 50 years, including my own, show that human height depends 65-87 percent on genes,” he said.”

The opposition says that money should be spent improving the quality of life in Vietnam and not on this nonsense program. 

Click the link above to read the full article. 

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