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"How Important Is Height For A Woman?" | Forum Discussion

"Let’s not pretend it’s this or that. Women like tall men exclusively because of the "image" they see with their children being tall. This is very very true. Same is about the myth how people don’t prefer to pick people of their own skin color or certain other preferences.
And then check out that thousands of careerwomen in their 40s have done artificial insemination. Vast majority of men were 180-190 cm group. All of women picked their own race. This is especially obvious for black women, who are faced with shortage of donors because all women undergoing treatment are almost exclusively white women and clinics are forced to give contest in search for black donor, because most clinics screen out all other donors other than specific races of their clients. Many women also have specific requirements regarding hair or eye color as well, even education, etc. Screening for genetic diseases and sperm quality comes after only about 1% of population can apply anyways.
But most important feature is height. It’s even a “cut-off” requirement for donors, even though it plays no role at all. There is no logical explanation for this other than woman’s desire to have taller children, since sperm donor won’t be around and he won’t contribute to either raising his children OR financially support them. Let’s just stop lying each other.

This is also very important for men to know, not to discourage shorter men, because they CAN succeed with their other skills (most notably money and social skills). It is important because media are deliberately SHAMING men for picking younger women, while the media promotes hilariously stupid relationships involving women over 35 y/o mark dating much younger men and claiming that this is “new trend”… yeah sure. Especially if you ever plan to have children. Brainwashing at its best.
Men don’t need to make excuses why 18-24 age group woman is at her prime for their taste when it comes for long-term relationship. Financially secure women in a 35+ y/o age just as high miscarriage rates and stillbirth rates than pregnant drug addicts in their teens and 20s. They also have exponential costs regarding pregnancy treatments in general, and on top of all, chances of genetic diseases increase rapidly, ESPECIALLY when first-born children are taken into account. Not to talk about “unexplained fertility” problems.

Both groups (older women and shorter men) can succeed to find their mate. But they need to know that they need to bring something/much more than the equivalent person of taller stature or younger age. So please, stop with the “my uncle is tall and so are my brothers” excuses, and stop with making excuses about “older women are ugly”. First of all, women aren’t going to allow their brothers to tell them who to marry, and men know very well that makeup can extend woman’s beauty looks way after 30 year mark. When you use such excuse you are sounding very lame.”

AtEyeLevel - The above rant in quotes is from a very popular forum called “City Data”. There have been a few posts lately there about Height, Heightism and Height Bias in dating. This thread is full of rants, defensive posts. You’ll also find insightful info with people who deal with, benefit from, or who care little about Heightism and Height Bias. 

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