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AtEyeLevel Wall Of Shame - Hannah Sawbridge - Height Bigot.

Hannah Sawbridge

Hannah Sawbridge wrote the article “Why Did God Create Short Men?" which we featured earlier on this blog. Would you want someone like this bigot working for your company?

AtEyeLevel readers and Heightism acknowledgers, this post will begin the first in a series entitled “AtEyeLevel’s Wall Of Shame”.

Heightism is wrong. It is utterly disgusting that one can spew hatred toward a group of individuals for something they have no control over. It is prejudice to stereotype a group with behaviors that have little or nothing to do with their physical disposition. 

The only way to combat Heightism is to target it the same way we have Racism and Homophobia in the past. That is to shame those who partake in it, raise awareness and hold their feet to the fire. 

Back in February, Karl Lagerfeld’s remarks about British Singer Adele’s weight (calling her “a little too fat”) sparked an uproar of anger from people all over the world. A decade earlier, he made a more obnoxious remark about Short Men. So the question remains, why does short man bashing get a free pass in society and the media?

It is important to note that it is especially disturbing when women take part in Short Men bashing, considering that women give birth, and there is always the possiblity that they may birth short sons one day (even if the father is tall). Also, what about all of the young impressionable young men around the world who have access to the internet? How will they feel when reading such an article?

Here in the United States, everyone has the right to free speech, and we respect this, but we will hold individuals accountable for spreading hate. 

Shame on you Hannah Sawbridge for being a Height Bigot!

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